16 MAR 2020

Event Highlights: How to Manage Your Team Remotely and Effectively?

In light of the trending work-from-home arrangements, we have partnered with Garage Academy to host a webinar event on 12 March, with Jacky Cheng, Chief of Staff at StartupCare Hong Kong, James Bernardo, Regional Programming Director at Garage Society, and Hoyin, Founder of Remo to share their insights and experience on managing remote teams.

Thank you to everyone who participated, we couldn't have done it without you. For those who missed it, here is a full recap of the webinar!

Video Recap

Q&A Highlights

How to make sure your team is not slacking off on work?
  • Put in structure on how to track work.
  • Use Slack or virtual offices – team members have to log in and check-in.
  • Manage team by performance and output.
  • Hire right: "Remote workers have to have certain characters in order for remote work to work."
  • Check-in weekly from video calls (e.g. one staff works in Taiwan - set up project tracker)
How to keep staff motivated in remote working?
• Make sure the place that you are working in not distracting.
• Celebrating work through shared rituals (e.g. Happy Hour) and do things together other than work to form stronger team bond (e.g. online games).
What insight did you learn over this stretch?
  • Many companies and businesses need to update work policies, especially those related to working remotely.
  • Disaster recovery: clone your work procedures to another location.
  • Planning and developing new procedures on how to work remotely.
  • Risk management and update processes for companies.
  • Maybe only portion of your team needs to have an office and not all. Opens up possibilities of working remotely and hiring offshore staff
How to manage a team of different backgrounds?
  • Make a ppt of one slide collage to share cultural differences (of things that mattered to them).
  • Discovery and curiosity: learning about the other person.
  • Develop group rituals: online gaming like PUBG can have teams experience emotions together with effect of team-building.
  • Sharing insights into your culture.
  • Balance team engagement and asking quiet staff members to share to stir interaction and feedback
What are some useful tools that are conducive to working remotely?
  • Tracker: desktime, activtrack, Toggl, Timedoctor
  • Project management software: Trello, Asana,, Wrike, Slack
  • Video conferencing tool: Zoom

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